How can I sposor the Circus Pikard, why should I do it and what does it get me?

Why? It gives you a good feeling to know that you have supported a culural possession which is it worth to be kept. Your help (products or money) is vastly appreciated. The price for the tickets is low enough to afford for a family with children. This we do not want to change. But this does not even cover our expenses.
How? Anything is appreciated. The easiest way to support us is a financial support. You can choose to do it once or on a regular basis.

What does it get me?? We have a large local audience- our Circus audience, and also the visitors to our website. This site is the largest, most informative one of any Austrian Circus. You will participated in our efforts. Our performances in schools, nurseries, the work for charitable institutions and companies festivities, bring not only private people but also decisionmakers from public and private companies.
We can offer you advertising space here in our website and also during our performances. Company info, link or banner advertisement are available to you. You can also become a sponsor and show on out, folders and billboards.
Are you interested? Send us an E-mail or call us for an appointment!

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