Sponsors WANTED!!!

The Circus, the source of many dreams, enchants everybody and lets us relax and forget our evereryday stress. It is always special for those who love it. Many Circus fans like escpecially the so called "small Circus", because of the friendly athmosphere of a small tent.

But even the "small Circus" has tremendous expenses, which can not be covered with the price of the tickets if the audience stays away because of heat, rain, competition or vacation.

Imagine the tremendous effort which is necessary to move the Circus from one location to the next. The tent, advertising, costs for personnel, programs, food for the animals, the veterinarian, electrical power, repairs, trucks, insurances, taxes, costs for permits etc........

Unfortunately there is no help from the government! That is why we need sponsors who appreciate our efforts to let our family Circus stay alive and support us.

HERE wi´ll let you know how to support us!

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