Once upon a time....The history of the Circus Pikard

The greatgrandparents and the grandparents of the Schneller´s and the Picard´s were artists, comedians and equestrians and they were constantly on tour. Jenö Schneller,the father of Ernö Schneller, married Olympia Picard (thats why we call our Circus Pikard). In the thirties they continued the tradition with their own Circus. Ernö and his siblings grew up in this Circus. It was not easy during WW2, but in spite of giving up they started again after the war had ended. At this time the family was in Hungary and lost everything. They only had a few wagons and two horses- the rest the was confiscated by the state .

Ernö Schneller and his two brothers worked for about 10 years for the state in Hungary, when he decided to leave the country he grew up in, and worked in the free world as a juggler. But he never had given up his dream to have his own Circus, because he had his childhood in best memory. His childern should also grow up in a Circus.

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