Circus Pikard

Mrs. Schneller
mehr bilder She met her husband as a young girl. With diligence she learned to balance on rolls. This performance was much sought after. Together with her husband she performed at the best places in Europe, which she only interrupted when she gave birth to her children. 3 girls and a boy are the joy of her life. All of them learned to be artists. 2 of her children still work at the circus. She lives for the Circus, just like her husband, and her greatest wish is that one of her children will continue with the Circus tradition. She does the planing of the tour, organisation and office work and presents the show. Sice the dead of her husband she also is responsible for all technical belongs and get a lot of help from her son in law.

In memory of Mr. Ernö Schneller, Director
mehr bilder Coming from a great Circus dynasty, he was born in a classic Circus wagon. He grew up in his parents Circus which performed in Hungary at that time. A happy childhood led to the wish to own his own Circus. It took 36 years until his wish came through. He performed as one of the world´s leading speed jugglers in many famous places. His son Alexander inherited his juggling ability. Mr. Ernö Schneller died unexpected at October 23rd 2004 during the circus-performance in Krems/Austria. He will always live in his relatives´ hearts and they will do their best to continue his lifedream: "Circus Pikard".

Alexander Schneller
mehr bilder Alexander was born 1987 in Vienna. Only son of Ernö and Elisabeth Schneller. As a very good juggler he has shown the audience many amazing performances.

Romana Schneller
mehr bilder Romana was born1978 in Horn - Lower Austria. The Circus is her life. Her outstanding antipode-show inspires the public and also her other presentations are stunning. Her guest appearances at the Hansa Theater in Hamburg and the Circus Medrano in Switzerland were a complete success.

Ilona Schneller
mehr bilder born 1970 in Vienna The oldest doughter of Ernö and Elisabeth Schneller. She has been with the Circus since the beginning and has helped to establish the Circus. She has many talents: snakedancer, clown, ropeartist. The audience was always fascinated by her.

Guti Balazs
mehr bilder Born in Hungary in 1978 he went to the state school of artists. At 16 he and his partner received an award for their acrobatics. He has been with the Circus for several seasons, performing as an acrobat and comedian. His performance shows power and elegance. The audience loves him and he has also many fans as a comedian. In 2001 he married Romana, the secondary oldest daughter of Elisabeth and Ernö. In 2002 both were performing at the Circus Medrano in Switzerland. "Bali", as he is called by the family, is very versatile and likes the life in the Circus. Sice the dead of his father in law, Dir. Ernö Schneller, he took over the difficult job of a tentmaster.

Maria Gschwandtner
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Josy Caselly
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Animals in the Circus Pikard
mehr bilder   Of course you can also see animals in Circus Pikard. A wonderful and lovely number with 4 Ponies, presented from Director Alexander Schneller.

Ilona shows their lovely and funny dogs in a amazing number.
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